Al Hoceima

Al Hoceima (Riffian language: Taghzut or Villa, Arabic: الحسيمة) is a city in the north of Morocco, on the northern edge of the Rif Mountains and on the Mediterranean coast. It is the capital of Al Hoceima Province. It is situated in the territory of the Ibeqquyen tribes of the Rif, who speak Tarifit Berber, locally called Tamazight.
Al-Hoceima is a great place to spend a few days. Quiet, safe, relaxing and hassle-free, this modern seaside resort is full of proud and genial Berbers with a surprisingly independent outlook that's far more Western than any other town in the north

Economic and social infrastructures of Al Hoceima

The road network covers 609.5 km of which 405 km are covered but the most ambitious project in terms of road infrastructure remains the Mediterranean Ring road linking Tangiers to Saidia, passing through Tetouan Al Hoceima and Nador, it will extend over a length of 560 km, of which 300 km already exists - and it is under development.
The Rocade project will have accompanying measures such as access to the beaches and the construction of the douars tracks, which will help bring the coastline closer to the national area and improve the area's attractiveness. new investments.

Al Hoceima, a dream destination in the Mediterranean

Al Hoceima, the Mediterranean pearl The blue waters of the Mediterranean, light, gentle waves and the coastline that forms the outline of one of Morocco's most stunning bays: this is the scene nature has set for you in Al Hoceima. It looks and feels like heaven on earth. Stretch out on a lounge chair on one of the many nearby beach,whereyoucansoak up the sun and bask in its glory. Under these eternally blue skies, relaxation is a priority!
In the city itself, the port is worth a look. Stroll here and admire its docks as they bustle with fishermen at work. Venture a bit further to the Moro Viejo coastal road for a splendid sight as it winds through the city and ends at one end of the bay with an unbeatable view of the surrounding area.

Al Hoceima, land of adventure

Al Hoceimaoffers a bay, backcountry and magnificent landscapes where you can relax or where you can exert yourself and push your physical limits. The Mediterranean and the nearby national park offer a wide variety of recreational options, making them playgrounds for adventure seekers. if you’d rather keep your feet on the ground, the backcountry is full of hiking possibilities. A marked trail passes through Al Hoceima National Park for foot travelers. There are cottages along the way so you can explore this protected forest for several days at a time. If you're really brave, you can try your hand at caving in some of the region’s myriad caverns. So far over 200 have been catalogued, many of which let you head down into the bowels of the Earth to discover spectacular rock landscapes.

A gateway to adventure.

Hiking and adventure at the gates of the city.

Wild beaches, natural sites and turquoise waters.


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